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1st April Fools Day 2017 Pranks Ideas Video With Girls Friends

1st April Fools Day 2017 Pranks Ideas Video With Girls Friends: April fools day videos will give the ideas to celebrate this day in a beautiful day which will become a best time of this new year. One of the simplest and 100% working idea you can do girls in college/school will be changing the stiker of gender from washroom door, or hide the existing one and replace it by making your own with rubber stickers by using scissors. You can see in the below image how this idea is going to work and how to make girls fools on 1st April Fools day 2017 with Latest prank ideas.

April Fools Day Funny Ideas To Make Prank With Friends


Below are the ideas list by which you can make pranks to make fun with friends on the upcoming April Fools day to fresh your mood and others. These ideas are not going to harm anyone and will give you the exciting feeling of fun.

Friends are our life and to wish them is our priority, this time we come up with the unique 1st April Fools Day 2017 Pranks Ideas Video With Girls Friends these will help you to arrange surprises for your friends and give them a shock on the morning of festival.

1: Convert Onion to Jelly: This is a funny idea by making a Delicious dish by using onion to make April fools 2017 to Victim 🙂 . Use the Ice cream stick and artificial color to make them. Refer the below Images

2: Prepare a cake with Balloon Inside: You will be thinking how we can make a cake with balloon right, its pretty easy and one of the best idea to make April fools day 2017.

You Need:

  • A Pizza Cover or any Cover base
  • A Plastic Ball or Balloon
  • Tape
  • Cream
  • Scissor

Now how to make it you can see clearly in the below steps:

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3: Office/ School Pranks idea for april fools day 2017: Simply fix the air buzzer beneath the chair and it will make horrible sound when one will sit on the chair. It is seem by the comments that this idea get fail because we make some mistakes while placing the buzzer to now to do that, refer below Image;


If you liked the 1st April Fools Day 2017 Pranks Ideas Video With Girls Friends then don’t forget to share this among your friends before the festival. This website is specially created for 2017 April Fools Day and don’t forget to share these ideas to your friends and watch all the funny videos which i have shared with you 🙂 .

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