Do you want to increase facebook likes?

In the last week our posts have reached 2.1 million humans with 116,091 put up engagements. We additionally had 1,811 new “likes” and we didn’t spend a penny getting them.

Auto like

How did we do it?

We determine out which posts are already doing well and spend a little cash boosting them to cause them to do even better. In different words, we discover the flame and throw extra gas on it.

You can do this your self in 4 clean steps.

Step 1: Click the “Insights” button at the top of your Fan Page.


Step 2: Then click on the “Posts” button on the left-hand aspect.


Step 3: Next click the “Reach” button. This sorts all the fame updates you’ve got posted on your Fan Page in the final ninety days from maximum to lowest attain.


Step 4: Pick one of the posts which might be already acting well and enhance it!


Why does this work? Well, for ZERO greenbacks humans have already quite a whole lot informed you which of them of your posts they like and do not like.

This post was visible, for FREE, by over four hundred,000 human beings and “favored”, “commented” or “shared” by using over 23,000 people. It makes experience that if I pay a touch more to boost its attain to extra of our network that they too will revel in it and push its virality even higher.


The result is we get hundreds more fan page likes and constantly better unfastened attain inside the destiny.
Pro Boosting Trick #2 – Fans are Great, But Friends Works Too!

The first a part of this tip is intuitive. If you are going to pay Facebook money to reveal your publish to greater people, pay them to show it in your lovers first. Yes, it’s far extra highly-priced, but those are the people most possibly to interact with the submit and, greater importantly, to convert into list subscribers, webinar attendees and, subsequently, paying customers!

However, what do you do if you don’t have numerous Facebook Fans to show the put up to?

The next best choice is to show the posts to the “friends of your enthusiasts”. The “pro-tip” component is that you filter out those fans to make them more targeted, and consequently MUCH more likely to need what you are offering proper out of the gate.

Here is the way you do it.

Step 1: Go into your Facebook Ads Manager, click “Create Ad”, pick out the “Boost Post” choice and find the put up you need to reinforce.


Step 2: Click the “Set Audience and Budget” button. This simply get you to the next display wherein you can build your audience.


Step three: In the “Connections” phase pick out “Fan Pages” then “Friends of People Who Like Your Page”. Then input the call of your Fan Page. This will provide you with a completely big, but no longer very centered capacity audience.


Step four: Narrow that audience down to a greater reasonable quantity (we shoot for 500,000 to one million human beings) with the aid of applying filters on the left-hand aspect. Which filters do you operate? Use filters that better pick out your goal purchaser. For example, lots of our list subscribers and clients are small enterprise proprietors, so it makes experience to use that clear out within the “Behaviors” phase.


It takes a touch practice, however what you turn out to be with aren’t simply buddies of the Facebook enthusiasts you already have, however a distinctly focused subset of those! They might be a MUCH extra precious part of your community when they do see your submit, engage and in the end like your web page!
Pro Boosting Trick #3 – Only Pay for Results!

Pay for engagements now not impressions. With posts which have actual business-constructing value, you don’t care what number of humans see your publish as a whole lot as how many are in reality interested in what you’re posting about, right?

Let’s say you write a post inviting people to a loose webinar and encompass a link to a touchdown web page wherein they can sign up. In the “How a whole lot do you want to spend?” section trade the bidding to optimize for post engagements and most effective pay while human beings do definitely engage together with your post!


So, what do you think? Do you want your odds of getting a whole lot better results from boosting your Facebook Fan posts now?

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