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Funny April Fools Pranks Videos Ideas for Kids Adult and Teenagers School

Funny April Fools Pranks Videos Ideas for Kids Adult and Teenagers School : April fools day is coming near day by day scare people with the Prank Videos by which you will get a idea how to make fool. Timing is very important to celebrate 1st April fools day, and aware your plan is going on right way otherwise your idea will go wrong and you will become fool 🙂 . Funny April Fools Pranks Videos Ideas is a play of mind after watching all the videos shown below you will understand how to make best April fools day without hurting anyone by playing a smart mind game. Best timing to celebrate April fools day is the morning time when brain works less, no one remember which day is today you can take a good benefit to celebrate 1st April with anybody.

April Fools Day Prank Ideas, Videos For Kids


Celebrate April fool with everyone in 2017, with your kids, adult or Teenagers obviously by the ideas you can see below:

Buy Horrible Masks: To make fool to someone you can use these horror masks in different way to celebrate this day.

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1: Wear it and ask to wake up by wearing the mask in the 1st April Morning 🙂 . This is the best one and make your day special but beware do it with teenagers for Adult we have other, they don’t have a strong heart.

2: Place the mask in the washroom, this will also give you a best reaction but the problem will come, you won’t be able to capture this moment although you can place a camera over there but this can hurt the dignity of anyone so be careful.

3: Wear mask with a white bed sheet and sit in the corner of wall and starting making horror voice or sing a pleasant song, this will give you the best moments.

If you liked the ideas and you found this good for 1st april 2017 prank ideas then share this page and invite your friends so that this year every one can enjoy 1st April day like never before 🙂 .

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